During the Homeric period, the present-day region of Alagonia with the 6 villages west of Mount Taygetus, was called Denthaliatis. Since my childhood, the memories of this place have led me, along with the company Fit & Claim, to found Denthis Hotel.
Denthis, located at the 22nd km of the winding road of infinite beauty between Kalamata and Sparta, is both a place to relax and rejuvenate as well as the beginning of new adventures for travellers.
Our hotel promises a delightful stay, with a gym, a heated pool spa, a restaurant, a bar, and a patio, to take the experience to new levels. A special experience for everyone, a special experience for all four seasons of the year.
Denthis is the ultimate destination. But it also serves as a base to explore the magnificent region and enjoy various activities. We look forward to meeting you.

Panagiotis Pavlakos

A special experience for special guests

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